The Film

Wolfroy is a film about what’s lurking beneath the surface. A married couple dealing with a tragedy slowly begins to spiral out of control as grief and distrust build between them, all the while the small Texas town they live in begins to reveal a more sinister force that threatens their very lives.

The Story

What leads a person to betray their very nature, to reject their beliefs and values and everything they hold dear? Is it some outward force that wears them down little by little, inch by inch? Or is it some poison that changes one from the inside, eating away at their soul bit by bit until all that remains is the shell of the person? These questions haunted me. I was going through a personal crisis in my life and everything I had come to rely on was gone in a matter of months. Everything and everyone by which I had come to define myself was suddenly upended, backwards, and turned against me. I was not the man I expected to be. I was lost. How did this happen? As I started to deconstruct the first 30 years of my life and began the excruciating process of rebuilding, I had to face some harsh truths about the mistakes I had made.

Out of that process, the story of Wolfroy emerged. It's a complicated story of grief and the tragedy that results from selfish decisions, however small or insignificant they may be. It's also an East Texas Folk Tale set in the the small town of Saratoga where I spent most summers as a child exploring the woods surrounding my grandmother's house, hearing ghost stories passed down from older generations and crafting my own tales of the supernatural.

This film is the result of my childhood nightmares, the things that kept me awake at night. And as I outgrew those dreams I was plagued by a different kind of fear...a pain that was unimaginable to me as a child. Turns out, some nightmares are real. 

-Randall LaRue (writer/director)

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